Tingha Regeneration Incorporated
Tingha Regeneration Inc PO Box 27 Tingha NSW 2369 email Telephone 02 67233234 ABN 44965018250
In the heart of the prosperous New England Region of NSW  exists one of  Australia’s most challenged small communities, a virtual welfare community where more than 3 generations have grown up locked into vicious social and economic cycles that are dooming each successive generation to continued disadvantage. 

The Tingha Regeneration Program, in its fourth year, is doing ground-breaking work that can progressively start to break the cycles. You are invited to follow our progress as we seek to create a genuine Small Community Regeneration MODEL for Australia to follow.

Tingha aerial shot

Tingha Regeneration Inc. established in January 2009 is providing the leadership and example through its major regeneration project -holistic (social, economic and environmental) regeneration of the previously abandoned Tingha Caravan park into an inspiring Community Multi-Purpose Facility - to create a powerful example of what can be acheived against the odds. Download information including the "Friends of the Park" brochure on our newsletters/project page.

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