man-in-mirror300x140Have you ever felt frustrated because a person you were talking to simply didn’t get what you were trying to say, or because you were misunderstood. Maybe you’ve been disappointed because you were let down. If you can relate to these things, it just may be time to take a hard look in the mirror!

When communicating with anyone, it is important to remember that YOU have 100% responsibility for whatever message it is YOU want to deliver… If the person at the receiving end of your message is not ‘getting it’ in some way, the bottom line is that you need to do something different to resolve the problem.

Communication is a central component in success, and irrespective of your personality type, it is something that you can do very effectively when you work on it… and the benefits of working on your communication skills and becoming a better communicator are enormous!

What all this means is, don’t be the one who puts your head in the sand. Take responsibility for the message you wish to communicate, try multiple ways to help the person understand. Seek clarification that they do understand… and then follow up later to ensure what was understood remains so!

Whatever you do, its time to start communicating better and, through this important skill, help to make your business, career and life a whole lot easier!